What are Digital Badges?

  • Similar to badges earned by Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, digital badges are icons that represent skills and achievements such as the completion of a project, the mastery of a skill, or the accumulation of experience.
  • We're passionate about helping educational institutions improve their students' learning experience by automating and simplifying the entire recognition process.

  • GetDigitalBadges.com platform was developed on the Cloud with IT Security and Regulatory Compliance (Section 508 standards) in mind and incorporates Analytics.

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Badge examplesWhy Digital Badges?

  • Digital Badges represent a different approach to credentials, one that places the focus on individual students and their learning accomplishments.
  • A digital badge is an online record of achievement, badges can recognize the completion of projects within a traditional college program or acknowledge experience gained through community efforts, online learning venues or work-related projects.
  • Digital badges can support connected learning environments by motivating learning and signaling achievement both within particular communities as well as across communities and institutions.
  • Digital badges can capture complete learning path (granular, stacked, and evidenced-based)

Easier Than Ever!

GetDigitalBadges.com offers the easiest, most automated experience for recognizing your students. We remove the learning curve for administrators and replace it with our world-class back-end support. 
Step1 of badge creation processProvide GetDigitalBadges.com with the relevant data.
Steps 2 of badge creation processGetDigitalBadges.com will work with you to customize the badges and the metadata.
Steps 3 of badge creation processGetDigitalBadges.com automates the digital badge validation process and provides cloud-based analytics.

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Download the GetDigitalBadges.com Mobile App!

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